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We need your support


It would not be possible to operate as we do, or achieve what we do overseas in changing the lives of those living in poverty or facing persecution, if it were not for your financial gifts.



Ways to give


There are many ways in which you can give money to assist our work including:


  • giving a regular donation

  • donating now online

  • giving through your payroll

  • giving by phone or post

  • giving in celebration

  • giving in memory

  • leaving a legacy

  • You can give to a specific project or country, or to International Needs  generally and we will then use your gift where there is the most urgent need.




When giving a financial gift,  please remember to let us know if you are a UK

taxpayer and we can use Gift Aid, which allows us to reclaim the tax that you

have paid on that gift on top of your donation.

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Giving that transforms lives