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Meet Sylvia...


Sylvia has grown up in the village of Buikwe in Uganda.  When she was growing up her family could not afford to send her to school.  She could have faced the reality that so many face in Uganda, sent to work from a young age and spending the rest of her life struggling against poverty.

































But this is not Sylvia's story.  Right through from primary school, Sylvia has been sponsored to go to school.  She now has just finished her exams to become a school teacher.  She will be starting a teaching job at the International Needs school in Kiyindi.


Sylvia now faces a brighter future, where she can comfortably provide for herself and her family.  If Sylvia has her own children in the future, she will be able to pay for their education herself, without the need for outside sponsorship.


You can help make an incredible impact on the life of a child, and give them the same opportunity that Sylvia has had, and this would only cost 66 pence per day.  For more information on how to sponsor a child click here.

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