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International Needs UK works in many of the poorest countries around the world to effect change in the lives of people and communities, where poverty and injustice are ripe.  We desire to see people and their communities made whole, both spiritually and physically.  


INUK 'connects' people here in the UK with our partner organisations overseas in developing countries to help them bring about lasting transformation for the poorest and most marginalised in their own country.


We don't offer 'quick fix' solutions but

rather work with local Christian leaders

to find cost effective and sustainable






Through our Educational Programmes we help to build, maintain and run schools and vocational training centres.  Supported by our sponsorship programmes we help children and young people have access to good quality education.



Community development


As well as our education programmes, for children and adults, we also support other community development projects, including medical centres, clean water provision and releasing slaves.





We also support Christian awareness programmes including church planting activity.  This helps people understand what the Christian faith is about, giving knowledge on which they can make a reasoned response to the Christian Gospel.


Where we work


Through our local partners we support projects in more than 15 countries around the world most notably in:

              Burkina Faso




Read about some of these projects from the drop down menu.

What do we do?

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